Trained and certified Quality Inspections performs inspection activities with in house and onsite facilities for the following modules.

  • Final Inspection and Product Assurance Management.

  • Inspection using state of art measurement equipments and instruments.

    • CMM – L.K. NIKON

    • 2D electronic Height Gauge – Mahr

    • Measuring Instruments – Mahr

    • KOBA - German

    • Mitutoyo – Japan

    • Bowers – Shangai

  • Calibration laboratory with reference masters at par with ISO17025                               standards

    • K grade gauge block

  • Vendor Audit & Assessment (Product / Process)

  • Metrology Laboratory Management


We provide Calibration Services in the area of Dimensional Metrology with a well equipped standards room with traceability to National & International standards.

Reference standards is ‘K’ grade KOBA Gauge Blocks and transfer standards are ‘O’ grade Gauge Block and all other supporting Calibration standards.

Metrology lab and standards room are well equipped to cater to the stringent at requirements of the Quality Management Systems as laid down by ISO 9000/CS9000, TS16949 etc for Calibration and imply to ISO/IEC 17025 Quality standards.

Calibration is a process of establishing the relationship between the values indicated by a measuring instrument against the values from a known measuring instrument that is traceable to the national and international standard. When feasible the instrument readings are adjusted to read correct readings as part of the calibration process.
A calibration is performed under controlled environment and by trained and experienced calibration professionals. We calibrate various Linear measuring instruments such as:
Vernier calipers
Slip gauges
Various conventional/ custom gauges/ instruments
Measuring rules/tapes
Dial gauges
Measuring Equipments
Precision is paramount
Attentive to every detail
New, Innovative Software Solutions
On the top of the latest technology
Highly trained technicians
Inspiring new facility
High Quality Inspection & Calibrations That You Can Trust at par with ISO17025



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